Skins cash payments


Skins cash payments


What is Pay.Skins.Cash?

Instant payments with skins! 100% safe!

Pay.Skins.Cash is a service by Skins.Cash that will allow third-party services to provide an additional payment method. This payment method is based on purchasing goods or services with in-game items (skins) from CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2, and RUST.

This helps to create a more convenient payment system for gamers all over the world. As for the services that wish to become our partners, this will allow them to add a fast and efficient payment system—and therefore attract more customers who don’t want to sell their skins but find the idea of paying directly with in-game items appealing.

Why should I use Pay.Skins.Cash?

Pay.Skins.Cash is a fast, safe, and convenient way to deposit money with a service that supports our payment system. All you need to do is log in using STEAM and proceed with a few more steps, which are the same as classic skin selling, except for the part where your funds will be directly transferred to a third-party service where you are willing to deposit your skins.

Since we are working directly with online gaming-related services, this will save you a lot of time and even money. You won’t need to pay fees two or even three times while selling skins, withdrawing the money, and then transferring funds. Also, you don’t need a batch of logins and passwords to remember.

Can I pay with skins from other games?

Currently we have items from four major multiplayer games available to be used as currency: CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2, and RUST. Connecting other games and expanding the economic possibilities of our customers is our #1 priority.

What are the limitations for a trade?

The limitation for a trade is 1000 skins, since you are not allowed to possess more skins on a single account.

Why are some skins not showing up in my inventory on Pay.Skins.Cash?

The filter does not display skins that our service will not accept. It is made specifically for your convenience.

Our filter is very simple: the service does not accept CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2, and RUST items that are not popular among the community or those with an unstable pricing policy (for example, if the price has been constantly dropping recently).

But don’t be upset if our filter didn’t display anything today. Come back from time to time to see if the filter configuration was changed. Perhaps some items will become available for sale.

How do I complete the transaction?

There are some very important restrictions from STEAM and Valve; you have to carefully read and follow the rules to ensure the safety of your money and your account.

The user is obliged to comply with the following rules for a successful transaction:

You must have the STEAM Mobile application (to confirm the game content transfer by the STEAM protection system) installed no less than 7 days before making the transaction;

you must have the STEAM Guard protection system enabled no less than 15 days before making the transaction with the Company on the same device the transaction will be made from;

you must not change the password in the STEAM system at least 5 days before making the transaction. If your STEAM account has been inactive for the past 2 months, the necessary condition is that you must not change the STEAM system password within 30 days before making the transaction;

you must not change the contact email address in the STEAM system for at least 5 days prior to the transaction;

for at least 7 days prior to the transaction, you must not change the device with the STEAM application that will be used to confirm the game content transfer;

the age of the user must be at least 18 years old.

In case of a failure to meet any of the foregoing user requirements, Skins.Cash reserves the right to cancel the transaction.

I’ve found a bug!

You found a bug or error on Pay.Skins.Cash? A mistake or typo in the text? Then immediately contact our support team and let us know. We are very grateful for your help!


How do I confirm the exchange offer from Pay.Skins.Cash on STEAM?

Once you confirm the transaction, you will receive an exchange offer from our robot within a few seconds. The offer will also contain a security code inside. How_to_confirm_the_exchange_offer

In the new opened window, wait until all the items are loaded and click the 'Ready to Trade' option, then hit the 'Accept Trade' button.«Trading_CS:GO_items»

You will receive the following message.«Steam_mobile_security_confirmation»

Now you need to confirm the trade in the Steam Mobile application.«Finish_of_steam_confirmation»

What is the service price formation for Skins?

The service price formation for skins is generated automatically. The calculation of data is taken from other similar platforms, including Steam. You will receive money to your account on the third-party website within 15 minutes.

All transactions are 100% safe and are under the constant supervision of our security services. Our support is ready to answer your questions. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I didn’t receive money in my account.

Do not worry. We guarantee 100% payout! What should you do if you can’t see the funds in your account?

First of all, try updating the information on your account (press F5) or log out and log in to your account again.

If there are any delays in transactions, you should immediately contact our 24/7 online chat operator on Pay.Skins.Cash and tell us your transaction number (check your email) and explain the situation. We will update the payment, and you will receive your transfer.

How will my skins be estimated?

We are accepting only those skins that cost more than 0.03EUR and are valuable in the gaming community. Skin sorting is done by a dynamic algorithm, which means that some skins may or may not be available for payment depending on the time of day, market situation, and other reasons. Updating the price and transaction availability may take from one up to four hours. If we are unable to accept any of your skins at a particular moment, we recommend you visit our website later; the filter settings may change, and your skins may become available for sale.

Let us remind you that our service does not charge any fees for trading. The amount of money specified by our website before confirming a trade will be loaded to your third-party website account.

I did everything correctly, but I didn't receive the transaction confirmation on Steam.

This may happen due to the following reasons:

Steam is experiencing some technical problems, thus, the exchanges in the system may be temporarily unavailable.

There may be temporary problems with our bot.

If you are confident the Steam system is working correctly, please contact our online support; they'll promptly respond and help to solve your problem ASAP.

Account requirements

The account must not have a lifelong ban for trade or any temporary exchange restrictions (seven-day restriction from trading, VAC lock, password change, etc.). An official detailed list is available on the Steam website here

The account must be linked to your phone via the Steam Mobile Application with active Mobile Authenticator.Click here to know more about Steam Mobile.

Your account on the Steam website should have a correct trade URL added and saved. «Correct_trade_URL»

The inventory and profile privacy settings must be set to "Public". «Steam_public_inventory»

How do I set up and use the Steam Mobile Application?

The account must be linked to your phone via the Steam Mobile Application with active Mobile Authenticator.

First, you must install the application. It depends on your mobile operating system, but you can download it using the following links:«Appstore_Steam_Mobile_application»

Then you need to sign in and confirm the device.«Steam_device_confirmation»

After that, you need to activate Steam Authenticator from the Steam Guard menu.«Steam_device_confirmation»

Then complete the activation by SMS verification.«Steam_device_confirmation»

Congratulations! You have seven days to collect the skins, and then you will be able to pay with them on Pay.Skins.Cash! :)